Welcome to S.T.A.G where we believe that goals should and can be achieved.....And where you can believe too! We are a UK based brand aiming to spread motivation and empowerment across the UK and worldwide. We aim to help people achieve their fitness goals through motivation, inspiration, a community of health and well-being experts & developing the right mindset. We provide high quality apparel and use 100% recycled/recyclable & bio-degradable packaging. 


Just by coming here today you have already started to make your goals a reality, why not continue to do that with us!


S.T.A.G’s founder, Daniel Travis began his journey to a happier and healthier life back in 2017 when at the time he said, “Getting fit was just losing a few lbs before going on holiday”. Now he is an active gym goer, enjoyed a KETO lifestyle for a few months and now lives a 'clean eating' lifestyle. Not only does he feel healthier physically but he has found that he now feels healthier mentally too which has made him more positive, creative and productive. “ I couldn’t believe how much my life changed just from changing my diet”.


He created this brand with a vision of building a community, where people can interact with like-minded go getters on a journey to a happier, healthier life.  He wants to offer support/guidance & encouragement while you achieve your goals, something that he couldn't find himself so easy.